The labyrinth is an ancient pattern found in cultures world wide and in different forms. During the Middle Ages, the labyrinth was introduced as a tool for Christian prayer. In 1201, a labyrinth made of stone was placed in Chartres Cathedral, France. It is the only remaining labyrinth in its original from that period.

The labyrinth is a symbol of unity and wholeness, and the winding path that takes us to the center becomes a metaphor for our own spiritual journey.

It is open to all people and beliefs. Labyrinths can be found in churches, camps, universities, parks, spas, medical centers and prisons. Labyrinths are constructed of a variety of materials from stone, pavement, asphalt, grasses and plants and canvas. Found indoors and out, labyrinths maybe in the classical design of 12 circuits or a modified design of 6 or 7 circuits. When walking a canvas labyrinth, remove your shoes or use shoe covers to protect the canvas.

The canvas labyrinth available for your walk at Centenary is a modified Chartres labyrinth with seven circuits. Finger labyrinths are also available for your use.  Classes on using the labyrinth as a prayer tool are held throughout the year.  Contact the church for the when the labyrinth is available.

Contact Pastor Harriett to schedule times:; 501-940-8701.

Rev. Harriett Akins-Banman has been a trained labyrinth facilitator through Veriditas: the World-Wide Labyrinth Project since 1999. She studied under the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress in Chartres, France as well as in the United States. Dr. Artress is the founder of Veriditas.

  • Remove your shoes or use shoe covers.
  • Take a moment to examine the labyrinth and how the path turns, but is not interrupted.
  • Quiet your mind.
  • When you are ready, start your walk. Feel free to stop and start as many times as needed.
  • When you reach the center, stop, sit, pray, meditate as long as you wish.
  • There is no time limit to complete your walk on the labyrinth - Take all the time you need.

The Labyrinth at Centenary UMC

​ to locate a labyrinth near you and world-wide.

Three Stages of the Walk:

Suggestions for Walking

The Labyrinth as a Universal Symbol

  1. Releasing - Shedding thoughts and distractions to quiet the mind, open the heart and relax the body.
  2. Receiving - A place of meditation and prayer in whichyou receive what is there for you to take.
  3. Returning - Following the same path out, sensing clarity and strengthening.

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