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Who We Are

Past. Present. Future.


The Centenary congregation has a history of 180+ years in the New Albany and southern Indiana area. Following the great spiritual revival of the mid-1800's in the area, Centenary was created. Centenary's spiritual DNA was formed in these early years as a congregation that responded to the social and spiritual needs of their neighbors, near and far, in the name of Christ. Operating a weekly food pantry and organizing with local churches, Centenary offered two hot meals a week to those in need for over 20 years. We continue to feed the hungry in our community through supporting Hope Southern Indiana.

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In 2017, the people of Centenary made the difficult decision to sell it's 180+ year old building. Maintenance cost for the structure became restrictive. Standing between the choices of caring for a building or caring for others, the congregation voted for the latter. The congregation was invited to share space with Park Disciples of Christ Church, then COVID hit. Moving from the shared space, the congregation meets using the internet platform of Zoom.



The future is wide open for Centenary! Presently, we continue to be a virtual church with a physical presence in the community and world-wide. We gather in-person as COVID guidelines allow and we feel comfortable. Outreach continues to be one of our key cornerstones. What ideas, experiences, talent will you add to Centenary's continuing story? Check us out. All are welcome here!

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Discover your future connected with Centenary

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